This is Bravesight.

We’re a resourceful, multi-disciplined team of marketing and business strategy specialists. We put our skills and know-how together to identify growth opportunities and achieve tangible results for our clients. We believe in our processes, and apply our philosophy to everything we do. Getting the right people together is what got us to this point, and it will continue to propel our growth. With many years of practical experience, every single member of our team is an expert at what they do. We work well together, and offer our clients a holistic approach to help them change and grow. It's a natural synergy.

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Our team

Our strength is in our team. It consists of researchers, business strategists, marketing professionals, creative tech specialists, and a highly experienced production team. Bravesight helps business owners and managers establish a clear direction with strong foundations and to grow their business. Our collective approach is what makes us different. It’s to the point, and aimed at constructing a great future in business together. With a holistic approach, we help businesses change and grow. We focus on the whole business, market & research insights, marketing strategy and execution, operations, systems and processes as well as the sales process and function to help businesses get it right all the way through.

Arron Edwards | CEO

Arron is a natural problem solver. As an experienced business owner with a tech background, he looks at things from a number of different angles. He knows how technology could be applied to gain efficiencies, but is just as comfortable with non-tech solutions. Arron believes in establishing partnerships and building on them. He excels at bringing the right people together to get the best possible solution. He loves helping people and solving complex problems. The more complex the problem the better, because it means Bravesight becomes a trusted partner rather than just another vendor. To come up with a great solution that delivers real value or ROI to a customer is what pleases him the most.