Just Cabins is a leading cabin rental business, with franchisees across New Zealand.

We work closely with the franchisor and the Franchise Development Office to create an easy customer experience on this e-commerce website. Customers can get instant quotes and place a cabin order, with leads routed to the correct franchisee.


We replicated a manual spreadsheet of Just Cabins' cabin fleet, manual area maps, and lease system into a unified solution. The result is a system that knows where all cabins are, and can route the customer leads to the correct franchisee based on delivery address - something customers were expected to guess in the previous system.

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Just Cabins have seen massive growth since working with Bravesight. The combination of investment, systems and ongoing improvement has seen Just Cabins become the cabin rental market leader. Winning many franchise system awards, the team at Just Cabins continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

We continue to work with the Just Cabins team to implement updates and initiatives to help them improve their customer experiene.