Bridging the gap between students, parents and schools through a comprehensive communication system

DreamCatcher's focus is to empower New Zealand's youth by giving them the tools, extensive ideas, contacts and structure for their thoughts to make informed decisions to foster ownership of their future.

The system is online and accessible from anywhere. It allows students and parents to share their career planning journey while allowing the Career Practitioner to add value to many students in a timely and effective way.


We built and maintain DreamCatcher's custom software system. Using technical creativity and flair, our team was quickly able to identify exactly what DreamCatcher needed their system to do. It was not only about adding value to their initial concepts, but also thinking ahead to ensure the system was future-proof and robust.

DreamCatcher’s website has three portals - one for teachers, one for students and one for parents. The student portal brings together all of the tools for the development of career pathways in a user-friendly platform with a logical flow.

Easy access to career tools that allows students to share their career planning while allowing the Career Practitioner to add value in a timely and effective way.
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"Arron and his team provide exceptional after-sales service, and any maintenance is quick and easy, carried out without interruption to DreamCatcher's business operations." - Jane Doherty