Our Philosophy


We understand that robust research on market, competitors and customers creates a solid foundation for an e-commerce strategy. New ideas and a positive way forward.


We know that helping our clients discover a clear direction for the future of their digital business based on our research helps them recognise the need for change.


We know there’s room to improve and grow with a solid digital strategy and well-planned execution. We thrive on seeing our clients’ gain momentum and see their business grow online.

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Your strategic e-commerce partner

Issues in business often arise from a lack of strategic execution. Planning is one thing. Making it happen is another. The best work we've done to date has been based around creating a solid digital strategy and getting on with it. Once you have a plan in place, based on research and insights as well as a thorough analysis of what your business really needs to grow, it is crucial to keep working on the execution.

As your digital marketing partner, Bravesight is here to help you along the way. We see ourselves as partners, not suppliers. Partners are with you through the good as well as challenging times. Plenty of software developers out there have a young "hip" team who have lots of fresh ideas, but they lack the experience of executing what works and knowing what doesn't.

Our team has been involved with a range of businesses - from start-ups to multi-national corporates - and we have in-depth knowledge of a range of industries. When we strongly suggest a certain approach, it will be backed up by our combined experience and proven results. We take the time to research and understand your business, tap into your needs, and position ideas to improve your overall competitive position online.

Most companies place great value on knowing and understanding their market but few take the trouble to gather this knowledge professionally. We give our clients clear indicators and help them find out where their priorities lie. Knowledge is power. Our job is to ask the questions. - Susan Forde