SEO Training Overview

Our SEO trainers teach you the necessary skills to optimise your website. They show you critically review your existing website content to resonate with your target market. Website content that is optimised for your customers will help your site rank better on the most popular search engines such as Google.

What does the SEO training cover?

Session One

Our team teach you to audit your website, and your trainer will work with you to identify the initial areas of focus for your SEO efforts. Your trainer will show you through the essential elements that affect your search engine rankings.

Session Two

In your second session, your trainer will teach you to identify a perfect set of keywords and phrases you can use to optimise your website. Your trainer will then help you understand the different types of pages and content on your website and the ways these can be optimised to maximise traffic to your website.

Session Three

In this session, your trainer will show you how to check you have Google Analytics set up correctly, and help you to understand the different search metrics in Google Analytics and how they apply to SEO.

Session Four

In your final session, your trainer will teach you how to use several tools you can use to optimise your website further. Your trainer will also help answer any specific questions you may have, or go over any areas you would like to revisit.

What resources do you provide?

After each session, your trainer will email you a summary of the content discussed and a handout for the meeting with tips and tricks to help you maximise your face to face training.

How do you deliver your training?

We do all training one-on-one via Google Meet. We have found that dedicating time to just one customer at a time allows our customers to maximise their training investment and address any specific issues.

Your trainer is also available between training times to answer any specific questions you may have, or address any tricky issues to ensure you get a personalised experience during your training programme with us.


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