Content creation improves SEO

Getting your website to rank higher on the search engines is an ongoing job. In this article, we explore why you need to keep adding to the content on your website and include the types of content you could easily add to your website with minimal effort.

What do the search bots do, and what does this have to do with adding new content to my website?

Google’s search bots and other search engines are constantly visiting your website, indexing it and looking for new content. If your website changes or new content or products are added frequently, these bots keep coming back for more. Google especially indexes sites more frequently that are updating and that means your pages come up for searches more frequently - win!

What if I don’t have content to add?

Unless your business is stagnant, you’ll probably have content that you can add to your website. If you do projects for clients or add new products to your website (if you have an e-commerce site), then you’ll be adding content, or could add content frequently. If you don’t fit into either of these, let’s say you’re a consultant, or accountant or plumber, you could easily add content to help people solve their own problems. For example, if people commonly ask you something, that is a good reason to write an article about it. This way you can refer your existing clients to that page, but it also helps with your search engine rankings.

Is your website content a little stale?

If you built your website a couple of years ago, your content is stale. The chances are your services or the way you deliver your services has changed slightly. We recommend reviewing your website content at least annually to see if it’s still relevant. This shouldn’t take you too long and will help you pinpoint content that needs a small freshen up. These small changes are noticed by the search bots and your website will be reindexed, and re-ranked.

Your competitors are doing it!

Even if your competitor’s websites are a little stale, they could be working on a new one, or there may be a new competitor coming to market that has a new website and good SEO. The web is always changing, and new sites come up all the time that use newer techniques to SEO and optimise content for search engines. If you’re not adding to your content or tidying, be assured, your competitors will be. Doing nothing is not a good option, even if your site is ranking well today.

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