Why do you need marketing?

Marketing is not just about attracting new customers; it’s about how you engage your audience. Your audience could be any of the following:

  1. Your prospects
  2. Your customers and clients
  3. Your internal team
  4. Your contractors

In this article, we’ll explore how brand, market need and knowing your customer work together to help articular a clear marketing message and why marketing is much more comprehensive than promotional activities such as running advertisements and writing articles.

What is brand?

Brand is how your team and your marketing is presented to the world. Everything from how you answer your telephone, to the way your ads communicate to your audience. We feel brand is alive in all interactions with a business. A fancy logo is not a brand. All your collateral can look sharp, but if it communicates poorly, it will let you down. Brand should alive in the way your team interact with each other and with your customers and prospects.

Knowing your customer

Customers align with brands they trust. They trust brands that match their personal values (even people that buy-in business buy from brands that first fit their personal values). It is commonly said in sales that “people buy from people they trust” (look up Jack Daly, he’s passionate about sales), and they do. First people buy you, your personal brand and your company brand. Your team interactions are the first interaction with your company once they’ve been attracted by some marketing.

Knowing your customer is also about understanding their needs and wants. The closer you get to your customer, the more alignment you have with them. Customers that perceive you understand them well are more likely to buy from you. Think about the last salesperson that was only interested in selling you a product, but not you and the problem you’re trying to solve - it’s not a nice experience. Understand your customer, and they’ll buy, it’s the only option left.

Market Need

If you’re selling something that market doesn’t need, you’ll be doomed. This doesn’t mean the market doesn’t need what you’re selling, although it may appear to be the case. Some businesses have taken failing product lines, re-branded or re-packaged them and seen fantastic growth results. Sometimes how you pitch something makes all the difference in the mind of a customer. Think insurance, something you feel you need. If you flip that to claim-time, insurance only has value to you if you claim on it. A transparent, pain-free claims process makes paying premiums worth it. An insurer that makes claiming difficult erodes trust and provides a poor brand experience.

Do you have a product or service that has lagging sales? This may just need to be re-packaged. We consulted for a software package business that had many small modules. Their customers wanted simpler to sell packages that didn’t mention many small modules; they found selling their products confusing. Once our client realised this, they worked on bundling up their modules into a new package product and sold the package. As a result, their sales increased and were much easier to win new business. Good for them, and their sales network.

If you want strategic help with understanding your customer, using this information to improve your business sales, let us know. We have programmes to help you through these steps and connect better with your customers.

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