What do I get when building a new website?

Building a new website can be a daunting task, but it does not need to be. Working with the right partner means you can pick and choose which elements you’d like to take care of yourself, and which items you want to have an expert take care of for you. In this article, we share what options you have and why you might want to enlist some help with some of these, and why it makes sense for you to do others yourself.

First, a list of things you could take care of yourself, and save yourself some time and money:


You can write all the content of your website. On average, a copywriter takes 1-2 hours per page once they understand enough details of your business. If you’re writing your own copy, this may take up to twice as long, unless you’re a prolific writer.

Content loading

You will save a lot of money if you’re willing to load in content, including product details and images into your website. Having your developer do this unless they have dedicated admin staff or content loaders, will cost you a fortune. Allow 15 minutes upwards for each product or page to include formatting and uploading of images.


You should learn how to do this well as it’s a vital part of maintaining your website and improving search engine rankings. Initially, it may make sense to have someone do this, but you should invest in learning how to write and SEO good quality content.

Secondly, a list of thing you should hand over to your developer:


Having a professional website design takes years of skill to learn. If you’ve found some website you like, your designer can quickly apply concepts to your brand and build you a website tailored to your business. If you’re short on budget, opt for a template or just let your designer work their magic, after all, they’re the expert.


This is something that there are many tools available that make it look easy to “build a website on a weekend”, but rest assured these “quick build” websites are full of performance and design issues. Knowing how to build a website is a skill that is worth paying for as your developer will have a few tricks that will speed up the process and means corners are not cut in the wrong places.


Yes, you can do this yourself, but 99% of the time, it’s copywriting that delays a website project. Either the client gets too busy to write it, or gets writer’s block! Both of these things will make it feel like our website taking forever to build, but it’s just this one thing that is holding up the works.

What can I expect to pay for a website?

The answer to how much a website cost depends on what you expect your website developer to do. If you want them to take care of everything, including copywriting you’ll need a budget north of NZD5000 plus GST. If you want something quick and simple, then you’ll get what you need in the low thousands. If you want e-commerce, you’ll need a budget upwards of NZD10,000 plus GST for a good site that converts well (assuming you have products that sell well online, as not all products do).

Can I get a website for $500 plus GST?

Yes, but you would be better off with one of the DIY platforms and engaging a copywriter to create a handful of pages. Any designer or developer offering such a cheap website is likely using a template and will do very little other than "set up" your website on a server ready for lots of hard work - by you!

What will $3,500-5,000 plus GST get me?

You’ll get a custom-designed website of around 5-10 pages, including copywriting and project management.

What will $10,000 plus GST get me?

This will afford you a pretty nice website, copywriting and some landing pages or other special function that should help with lead generation. Or, a pretty simple e-commerce website, but you’ll need to be prepared to load in all the products.

If we can help you build your new website, let us know. We’ve worked with 100’s of businesses that are unsure where to start with their website. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their website delivers results, and if we don’t believe we can help, we’ll let you know. With 20+ years of e-commerce experience, you can be sure we know a thing or two about building websites that sell products well.

Sounds interesting. Can I book a meeting and find out more?

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