Success in sales?
Ask the right questions!

Working in sales can be tough.  It takes dedication, you often have to work long hours before your efforts start to pay off, and you must be fully committed to delivering on your promises every single time. Some people are naturally brilliant at sales, while many others struggle.

Too many salespeople talk too much, without properly listening first so they can learn what the goals and needs of their potential customer really are. They ask the wrong things. At Bravesight, we have found the most important strength of great salespeople. It is their ability to dive right into a prospect’s problem and ask the right questions.

Before you go into that first sales meeting, make sure you’ve done your homework. Do some research online, call the receptionist and ask some of the basic things you need to know. Go to the meeting confidently and prepared. Having to ask basic questions first is wasting valuable time.  

Basic questions you should not need to ask:

·         How many staff do you have?

·         How many locations do you serve?

·         What can we help you with?

The questions that do help you and your prospect forward are the ones that get them thinking, and that show them that you know what you’re talking about. Your enquiries should be aimed at solving a problem. Listen more than you speak. Get a crystal clear understanding of the customer’s needs, then move forward by offering them a solution.

Examples of enquiring questions are:

·         What impact does having/not having this feature have on your business?

·         What would happen if you had more leads?

·         How many leads could you handle each month?

·         What would that look like in top-line sales growth?

·         If we could achieve that for you, how would you handle that new business?

What follows are the questions that will help you close the sale. These are the questions that show your prospect that you’ve learnt from their answers and that you paid attention during your discussion with them. These payoff questions connect your prospect’s problem with a solution, and that will make their decision on doing business with you much easier.

Payoff questions that could help them over the line:

·         How much time would your business save by doing this?

·         What else could you invest those hours into?

·         When do you need this implemented by?

·         How would this help your business grow?

Great salespeople consistently work on improving themselves, and always look for better ways to close transactions. Asking the right questions at the right time shows that you are an expert, that you have listened carefully, and that you care. That’s what builds trust and seals the deal.

Start by writing down a few intelligent, to-the-point questions that you’d like to get answered so you can better understand your prospect’s needs. This could greatly speed up your sales process and bring fast results for both parties.

The Bravesight team can help you identify the roadblocks in your sales process and get you unstuck. With our customised sales training programmes, you and your staff will get the opportunity to unravel any issues and refine your approach to sales. It will help you understand your customers better, so you can close sales faster. To find out more about Bravesight’s expert sales training, give us a call on +647 928 8867 or email here.


~ Arron Edwards, Bravesight CEO

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