Repeat customers love e-commerce.

Making it easy for your customer to buy online should be top of your to-do list, but it often falls well down the list, behind looking after existing customers and taking out the rubbish. I know too well as a business owner all the demands on your time, but finding the time to spend on the best action always pays off. It’s deciding which actions need your time that can be the hardest. This article explores why you should focus on your digital strategy and why e-commerce is the gateway to more orders than you ever imagined.

Making it easy for existing and new customers to order

When a customer visits your website, they can probably find the products they want either by browsing your catalogue or searching for products they want. How often have you looked through your website or that of your competitors and thought, “I wonder how I could make it easier to buy?”. If you have a customer on account, the chances are they send you orders through some manual process. This manual process takes your staff time and can frustrate customers, especially those that order frequently.

Why do your customers put up with a poor ordering experience?

In my experience, it’s because your industry hasn’t innovated yet. Everyone else takes orders in the same way, so why should you invest in e-commerce? I’ll tell you why the businesses I’ve helped transform their ordering process have grown, and not by just a little bit, by a lot! In some cases, 2-5x growth since they build their e-commerce site. Most of my clients tell me how e-commerce has changed the way they do business. And when it doesn’t work, or something breaks, I also know all about it, because they’re hot on our support team to get things running again (not that it happens that often, but you could imagine the stress when your primary source of orders has a slight wrinkle, even if for a few minutes).

Can you make re-ordering easier?

You sure can. We’ve helped companies decrease the time taken for a customer to order from a standard order list (their favourites) and push the order through the cart process as a preferred customer. Those customers even can order on-account, invoiced later through their existing back-office process. For retail customers, the ability to see what you ordered last, when and how frequently is helpful to confirm your purchase, especially if you only order a specialist product every few months.

What does it take to have this ordering magic happen?

First, our team look at your product catalogue. Making sure it’s structured well and easy to find what you’re looking for is critical to successful online sales. They then look at your design needs, competitors and how your business flows. Understanding your current workflow is crucial as it may need to change to streamline your sales process online. We also need to know how your customers are used to ordering from you and what steps may require a personal touch vs self-service.

Once we have all the ingredients, we get to baking your e-commerce cake. We work with you to make sure the build happens as fast as possible and help you manage the changes you need to make from your side. E-commerce projects cause a lot of change within a business, so you must be ready to take onboard those changes.

What next?

Grab our free e-commerce guide. In this guide, I talk about all the preparation you need to get e-commerce ready. Is it worth it? Yes, 100%. Every client that trusts us with their e-commerce has grown.

If you’re a little bit further ahead in your planning you may find value in our e-commerce growth guide.

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