Online ordering system for wholesalers

If you are running a business, either B2B or B2C, how important is it to provide a great customer experience? At Bravesight, we think it is vital! Not only do we know the importance of providing great customer service, we also create customised creative technology solutions that can help you grow sales, save time, streamline your operations.

Using technology isn’t a particularly personal approach, but let us explain how you can greatly improve the service you provide to your business to business customers with a custom-built online ordering system.

Communicating with your wholesale customers via email, phone, skype, and face-to-face is a good thing, but it’s not ideal for managing orders. If you continue to do it the old-fashioned way, things can easily become a mess. With an online ordering system for wholesalers, you’ll streamline the process, speed things up, eliminate the risk of human error, and make things a whole lot easier.

An online ordering system for wholesalers works just like any other online shopping cart or e-commerce system. It’s a smart system that gives your customers a huge range of information and ease of use – they can find and order your products at any time, see what your stock levels are, what discounts apply, and what the expected delivery time is.

On the other hand, a business to business wholesale ordering system designed by Bravesight also streamlines your accounting, increases accuracy and efficiency, and is available 24/7 so you or your sales reps don’t have to be.

Specialist Developers of Wholesale Ordering Systems

Our expert team develop sophisticated wholesale ordering systems that are easy to use. Your customers can easily and quickly select and order items online, which removes the manual entry process.

Because we design the system specifically for your business, special or negotiated pricing for individual customers that only they can see can be set-up in the system.

Your customers can use a login and track the progress of their order online at any time - saving you the resource of a dedicated customer service representative to answer these customer queries.

Integrates with Other Business Systems

Bravesight will design your wholesale ordering system to integrate with your existing accounting or ERP software. The risk of data being lost or incorrectly entered is immediately alleviated with no more manual entries from accounting, ERP, CRM, inventory management and other business software. All data from these systems will be handled for you, behind the scenes.

Your Bravesight wholesale ordering system will:

  • Display customer-specific pricing
  • Handle freight calculations
  • Automatically produce a purchase order or invoice
  • Integrate with your accounting system
  • Integrate with your CRM

Work together with any other systems you use in the ordering process, such as your inventory management system

Our experienced team knows the pitfalls, and we know how to avoid and get around them. Get in touch and find out more about how we can create a smart end-to-end order management system for your business that will save you time and money!

~ Arron Edwards, Bravesight CEO

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