Ongoing improvements to your website increase sales

Building a website is often viewed as a once-and-done job. Website technology moves so quickly that updates are usually available as soon as a website is ready to go-live. Most e-commerce sites, for example, take several months of work to assemble product catalogues with SEO content.

Why would you want to keep paying for your website?

Just like a car, your website needs maintenance. Unlike your car, and more like the rest of your business, there are always things that you need to get around to. These items add extra functionality to your website, to either make your life easier or your customers’ experience better. The number one reason our clients have service agreements is that they want to improve their customer experience and increase sales - this requires additional work by our clients and our team.

What about security?

Website security is a big topic, and something many businesses do not consider. You are storing a lot of valuable information about your customers. You know where they live, what they buy and have all their contact details (phone, email etc.) These details are valuable on the black market for hackers and identity thieves. You have a responsibility to store this information securely and minimise access to this information, including security breaches. Ensuring your website is up to date, and secure is well worth paying for - businesses have gone bust as a result of poor security.

Customer experience

Customers use more sites; they expect better services from your website. We have seen the most considerable increase in sales from clients that spend more to improve the customer experience on their sites. We’re not just saying this. Our larger clients put more budget (monthly) to improving their websites and regular maintenance, and they see ongoing improvements drive a direct increase their online sales. As one client put it, “we pay to make sure we’re top of mind for our customers”. We couldn’t have said it better. That client has seen sales increase steadily with minimal marketing, they’ve just made sure they’re the best in their space.

Business changes

Businesses are continually evolving. If it’s one thing we have seen in our own business is that things never stay still. We need to be ahead of the changes our clients need frequently. Our clients that evolve their website as their customers’ needs change always keep growing their sales, in many cases several times. Ensuring your website is actively maintained ensures that your customers have a good experience, the search engines love your site and sales increase.

If you want to work with a team that cares about growing your sales as much as you do and improving your site, so it continues to deliver an outstanding experience for your customers, give us a call.

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