Make a Great Impression with a Welcome Pack

A potential new client’s first experience with you can determine whether they become a loyal customer or a churner, but it goes well beyond that first impression. When you’ve come back from a sales meeting with a signed contract, it’s time to take good care of the following steps and start nurturing that new relationship. 
Do you just leave your new client alone until the project kicks off? Or do you have an efficient system in place that helps you make the most of that window of time? Follow-ups are a crucial part of the sales cycle, but you must strike the right balance. The magic is in recognising that the customer has a choice and showing them a genuine appreciation for choosing to work with you.

One of many ways to streamline your client onboarding process is to present them with a welcome pack. It’s an excellent way to introduce yourself to them and outline all the deliverables and expectations.
With a well-designed welcome pack – in an actual presentation folder or in digital format – you set things off on the right foot. It shows them that you care and reflects that you are committed to providing them with the best possible service. Starting your journey with a new client on such a thoughtful note builds trust. 
The content of your pack will allow them to deepen their understanding of your business and explain what they can expect when working with you. If you are wondering how you can make the most of a welcome pack for your new clients, read on…

Make it memorable

It's best to deliver your welcome pack to the client as soon as possible after the agreement has been finalised, but before the actual project begins. If your new clients are local, hand-deliver it to them, giving you another valuable point of contact. If you mail it, use an overnight courier. A digital welcome pack is perfectly fine as well. Send it to them as soon as you get back to the office.
Now for the content. Start by showing your new client that you appreciate them, with a warm welcome message – handwritten for an extra special touch - and an introduction to your business. With a professional but friendly tone, you’re well on your way to building a valuable and mutually beneficial relationship.
If you opt for the paper version, the presentation folder is the first thing they see. Make sure it is well designed and branded. Don’t skimp on the quality, as you want to set a professional image in front of your new client. If your welcome pack looks cheap, you’re missing the point.

What to include?

A Welcome Letter

Start with a note to warmly welcome your new client and thank them for choosing you. The simple act of saying thank you can go a long way when starting your new client relationship. Reassure them that they have made the right decision in hiring you, reinforce your brand promises, and tell your story. Conclude by offering the name, role and details of their contact person within your company and provide specific information about after-hours support if you provide it.

Business Cards and Branded Products

Giving out pens with your logo, name, and number may seem outdated, but people will use them if they are good pens. Cheap pens will end up in the trash, but if you choose one with a substantial weight, attractive colour and easy ink flow, it can be a big hit. The same goes for other swag (branded merchandise) such as mousepads, drink bottles, and magnets. Business cards give your clients easy-to-access information, and they are an instant handout if they choose to refer you to someone else. As with everything, make sure your products and business cards are of good quality.

Catalogue/Brochure/Service inclusions

Presenting your new client with information on your offerings is practical, especially if you see a cross-sell opportunity. Outlining your service packages and explaining what your clients are paying you for, reinforces the value you provide. Better still, it’ll avoid potential confusion in the future. Describe step-by-step what you expect of them and what they can expect from you. If your new client is yet to pay for your services, you can use it as an opportunity to outline the policies and processes that you have around billing. If you have a Terms of Trade document, include that too.

A copy of the Proposal and Contract

Include everything you have presented to your new client to date, and if they have already signed a contract with you, include a copy. It’s handy for them to have it all in one place. The welcome pack is a vital piece of the onboarding process, and it allows you to set expectations and boundaries from the get-go. Be sure to include when you send your invoices and when the payments are due. You can include a friendly reminder to let them know if there will be an additional fee or not if the bills are not paid on time.

FAQ sheet

It’s a good idea to include a list of frequently asked questions in your welcome pack. This will provide quick information to help your new customers make further purchasing decisions and, at the same time, give purposeful information about your business and the benefits of working with you. It’s convenient for them, but it can also save you time on emailing or answering customer-service calls. A good FAQ sheet is segmented by topic, and the tone should be polite, personable, and reflective of your organisation’s culture and brand.

Discount or a special gift

Providing your customer with a gift that they are not expecting will make them feel extra valued. It could be a discount, something more personal like a spa treatment, a voucher for dinner at a local restaurant, or something nice for their home. If you’ve noticed in your meetings that they prefer tea over coffee, you could include a nice speciality blend. If they’ve told you that they like to spend their weekends on the greens, gift them custom golf balls. Just make sure to keep the gifts in proportion to how much the client spends with you, and don’t overdo it.

There’s plenty more you can include in your welcome pack, such as best practice case studies, audiovisuals, or product samples. Just make sure you keep it valuable, to the point, and professional. It’s just another way to show your customers what a friendly, reliable, and professional business you are.

When done right, your welcome pack will set you apart from your competition. It may even provide you with referral business as when your new clients notice your attention to detail and thoughtful customer care, and they’ll tell their friends. You can include a referral card, too.

It doesn't matter if you supply a product or run a law practice, creative agency, a wealth management firm, or any other client-focused business. Your client onboarding process is important regardless of what business you are in.

If it’s time for you and your team to cement better relationships with your clients and up your game in sales, give us a call. We’ve helped our clients reach huge success in sales with our tailor-made Sales Process Training Programmes, and we’d love to help your business, too. Book in a coffee meeting, and let’s have a chat about how we can add value to your business and sales processes today.

~ Arron Edwards, Bravesight CEO 


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