Email Marketing

Dollar-for-dollar, email marketing is one of the most effective sales and marketing tools available.

A successful email marketing campaign is dependant on many things. You need the right email marketing system, with an easy-to-use segmented sign-up system and database, and you need results you can test and measure. If you can’t measure ROI, what’s the point.

Our professional Copywriters have a way with words, and engaging one of them will ensure your email marketing campaign achieves the results you are after.

You want the best bang for your buck, and our team will give you just that!

We recommend, and use, the world-leading email marketing platform MailChimp. This is a brilliant system full of great features:

  • FREE services (until you have 2,000 subscribers in your database).
  • Very reasonably priced paid services.
  • Powerful marketing features.
  • Easy to use (and dare we say it, even fun!).
  • Automatic email marketing database (using your website contact form data).
  • Targeted content (to increase responses).
  • Simple segmentation options.
  • Perfect newsletter display on all major email platforms.
  • Spam filtering abilities.
  • Simple reader opt-in or out options.
  • Automatic email ‘bounce’ management.
  • Google Analytics integration (providing visitor analysis).
  • Powerful reporting (identifying how many people opened your newsletter, and which links they clicked once they opened it).

Combining the features of MailChimp with Google Analytics delivers powerful ROI reporting. You will know exactly what sales have been generated as a result of your email marketing campaigns.

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