B2B e-commerce with your accounting system

If you sell your products to business and have a traditional sales channel such as company reps, salespeople on the road, a customer service desk that enters orders all-day, online ordering is for you. We have built ordering systems for companies that run these kinds of teams.

What is the constraint?

When we first talk to companies that have these kinds of teams, they tell us their sales are great, and they don’t want to see sales drop-off. We completely understand the concern, but we’ve seen the exact opposite - sales increase, pretty steeply.

See, the constraint you don’t realise you have is the number of orders you can enter, and it’s probably not the number of orders you can ship. Once you add online order entry, your reps spend their time making sure customers are taken care of, and introduce them to new product lines, which increases sales. Small hint here, if you think you are meeting all of your customers needs today, we’re pretty confident you’re not. There will be product lines you don’t stock, that your customers would like to buy from you. Your customer services team can only enter so many orders per day, and the chances are, orders received at the end of the day, or past your shipment cut-off will likely be entered in the morning.

Our clients have found, once the order entry is taken care of, they’ll end up with a need to make changes around the way they pack and dispatch goods. To do this, they usually look to automate the printing of pick-lists, integrate with the courier companies, which saves yet more data entry and incorrect shipments.

How can we help?

We have integrated with many different ERP and account systems. Each integration is slightly different either due to the way the back-office system work, or how a client wants data to move between systems. We work with our clients to establish which data should flow, in which direction. We determine what data is “master data” and help them connect and tidy data to ensure things with their website run smoothly. Getting the product data correct is usually the most significant job, and takes the whole project to get the initial data set tidy, and then continues once your website goes live. The time you spend here will be where your “spare” staff tend to move to once your online store is live for your customers to order.

What have we integrated with?

  • MYOB Exo (via Flow)
  • Infusion Software
  • Accredo
  • MoneyWorks Data Centre

We have also integrated with Xero to generate invoices; however, Xero does not have inventory management built-in to handle the numbers of products and complexity most large e-commerce stores we’ve helped with need.

If you are thinking about building an online store or ordering system for on-account (invoice) customers, give us a call. We’ve been building e-commerce solutions for 20 years, our clients’ sites rank well, and we can help navigate you through the toughest parts of the project.

Sounds interesting. Can I book a meeting and find out more?

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