Create a Marketing Plan

If you thought creating a Marketing Plan was complicated, this article explores how you can create a simple content marketing strategy. A basic marketing plan should take a few hours a week and should be easy to delegate to a copywriter or someone in your team to execute regularly.

Step One: Create a list of content

Brainstorm ideas for articles. An excellent place to start is your FAQ; common questions are a great source of valuable article content. Consider scanning through your email. The chances are you've got plenty of quality article content in replies to clients or ideas you have already shared.

Step Two: Determine a schedule and create a calendar

Work out how frequently you can publish content. If you can allocate 1-2 hours a week, you can post a single article per week. If you cannot schedule this much time, consider reducing the frequency to ensure you can keep up. An article each month is better than no articles at all. Writing more frequently is better.

Step Three: Determine how to cross-pollinate channels

If you're writing articles, letting your customers know via Facebook or your email newsletter will help more people read your content, and share it. Don't rely on Google to send you more visitors, share useful articles with your clients and their network where possible.

Step Four: Schedule a dedicated time

Making sure you keep posting content is essential. To do this, you should find a regular time each week, or month, to create content. Remember, the creative muse may hit any time, so keep a log of good ideas, or throw down a few sentences to come back to later.

Pro Tip: Professional writers avoid writers-block by creating outlines first, then revisiting them later to write an article. Writers realise that creativity cannot be forced, so they research and capture ideas to be developed later.

If you need help with your marketing, give us a call. We create marketing plans and content for clients to help with their SEO and attract more prospects. You may even be eligible for funding via NZTE's Capability Development Programme.

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