Business Sales Process Design

At Bravesight, we work with businesses of all sizes to create and design a sales process that helps convert more prospects into sales. We can create supporting materials such as brochures, flyers and infographics that help educate customers along the way. Your sales process should speed up the sales cycle and help customers make an informed purchase decision. There are no shortcuts or tricks - if a customer trusts you and your business, and they have a genuine need, they'll buy - every, single, time.

Insights about Sales

Make a Great Impression with a Welcome Pack

A welcome pack helps you manage your client relationships and provides value in the early stages of your relationships.


Repeat customers love e-commerce

Find out why ordering online isn't just for retail businesses. If you sell to other businesses you can sell on-account from the same online store.


The most important question. What’s the value?

Finding out what motivates your prospect is the #1 to build value during your sales cycle.


Handling Sales Objections

When your team know what sales objections they'll encounter, they will naturally increase sales.


Accelerate your Sales with Automation

With a smart website and e-commerce solution you can grow your sales, your brand, and your profits.


Do you need to integrate your online ordering system with your accounting system?

Our team integrate back-office systems with your e-commerce website to speed up order entry and online deliveries.


Failed at outsourcing your marketing and digital services?

We work with owners and in-house Marketing Managers to optimise the time they spend doing repetitive jobs. Let us help you maximise your marketing return.


Success in sales? Ask the right questions!

Working in sales can be tough.  It takes dedication, you often have to work long hours before your efforts start to pay off, and you


Online ordering for wholesalers

A wholesale ordering system designed by Bravesight streamlines your accounting, increases accuracy and efficiency, and is available 24/7.

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