Marketing Insights

Our team of marketers are less interested in advertising and more interested in people. In this topic, we explore what marketing is, how to get closer to your customer and our general thoughts about the marketing industry.

Looking for advertising? You may be a couple of examples that we pull apart, a funny or smart advert, but you won't find us waxing lyrical about ads.

Insights about Marketing

Email Marketing

If you have a customer database, chances are you're missing out on selling more to existing customers - email marketing can help solve that problem.


Let your brand shine online in 5 easy steps

We explore the ingredients needed to get your e-commerce marketing delivering results. Increase sales, CTR and conversions with Bravesight.


What is SEO?

This article explains how you can improve your SEO by doing on-site SEO. Update your content to increase your search rankings.


Keywords? Here are 5 ways to make them work

Why keywords help Google bring you more customers. Creating good quality content helps Google rank your website higher.


Facebook Graphics: Getting it Right! (+ FREE Download)

Download our free Facebook and Google AdWords advertising guide (PDF). We can help you with your digital marketng.


How-to guide: Getting ready to start a B2B e-commerce project

Find out all you need to know about starting a B2B e-commerce project. In this article, we cover the vital steps towards making e-commerce a success from day-one. When thinking about building a B2B e-commerce store, there is a lot to think about. In


How to SEO your e-commerce website

SEO is powerful. If you create good, relevant, and helpful content - Google will reward you with a better ranking.


Why do you need marketing?

Marketing drives business growth by attracting the right customers. Explore how brand is more than just marketing.


Why it's vital to have a mobile-friendly website design

Our team design websites that convert visitors to customers or sales. Having a responsive website helps increase conversions since >50% of visitors are on mobile.


Failed at outsourcing your marketing and digital services?

We work with owners and in-house Marketing Managers to optimise the time they spend doing repetitive jobs. Let us help you maximise your marketing return.


What do you get when building a new website?

A good website design should include copywriting, design and build of your website. Find out where you can save money, and what your budget will afford you.


Why you need to create content for SEO

SEO is the #1 investment you can make in your website. Ensuring you add content regularly keeps Google coming back and pays off over time (more than ads).


Create a simple marketing plan

If you thought creating a Marketing Plan was complicated, this article explores how you can create a simple content marketing strategy. A basic marketing plan


Assumptions get you nowhere

Did you know that your brain is a liar? That’s a bit of a statement to make, but if you think that all the decisions

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