What is Design Thinking?

Design is critical in all business practices. With "design thinking" being the buzzword of the moment, what exactly is design thinking? We have found researching your customer needs, and using customer feedback usually will get you much closer to a possible solution. You then mix this with your ideas, expertise and insights from that research to create a prototype that you then test. This iterative process ensures you're not making lengthy and costly development processes. This creation of a minimum-viable-product helps speed up the development process and often leads to better results.

Insights about Design

What to consider when building software

We explore what design-led software development is and why it’s the fastest way to build software that meets your business goals.


The Website Design Process

Our website design and development process is based on 20+ years of experience building e-commerce websites.


Facebook Graphics: Getting it Right! (+ FREE Download)

Download our free Facebook and Google AdWords advertising guide (PDF). We can help you with your digital marketng.


How-to guide: Getting ready to start a B2B e-commerce project

Find out all you need to know about starting a B2B e-commerce project. In this article, we cover the vital steps towards making e-commerce a success from day-one. When thinking about building a B2B e-commerce store, there is a lot to think about. In


Do you want a cool website, or one that generates leads or sales?

Your business website should drive traffic, entice visitors and convert to sales (or at least enquiries). Find out why we think that flashy design needs to be balanced with results.


Why it's vital to have a mobile-friendly website design

Our team design websites that convert visitors to customers or sales. Having a responsive website helps increase conversions since >50% of visitors are on mobile.


Working with a designer on your application development

Designers help you avoid costly mistakes later. A designer can help you imagine how your application will work and help design a better workflow.


What do you get when building a new website?

A good website design should include copywriting, design and build of your website. Find out where you can save money, and what your budget will afford you.

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